These Family Night Ideas Are Going to Take Bonding to a Whole New Level

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We all know how hard it can be to get kids to want to participate in family activities — especially when they hit that very special tween age. But the fact of the matter is, when they reach adulthood, family nights are the times they are going to remember fondly. So how do you get your kids to to not only take part in family nights, but actually look forward to them? By planning events that are actually worth doing.

And while we love Netflix (who doesn’t, right?) plopping down for a binge with the fam doesn’t exactly bring y’all closer. But the right activities can encourage your family to interact with one another more — instead of being attached to a screen.

Here are some creative activities to keep you and your kids entertained.

  1. Crafts – There are several fun things that you can innovate while educating your kid.
  2. Family mailboxes – Paint and decorate the family mailbox.
  3. Vacation jar – Decorate a Family Vacation Jar in which you save change.
  4. Newsletter – Create a family newsletter to send out to family and friends. This can be a monthly project.
  5. Movie night – Have family movie night and watch old family videos together.
  6. Star watching – Family star-watching night. Lay outside on a blanket in the yard and look up at the stars together. Try to map out constellations together. Afterward, look up the stories behind each constellation on the Internet.
  7. Cookout and camping – Enjoy a cookout and camp out. Pitch a tent in your yard and cook food over an open fire (or on the barbecue). Sit in a circle and tell ghost stories.
  8. Volunteering – Volunteer as a family. Help out at a school fundraiser or serve meals at the local soup kitchen.
  9. Baking – Bake together. Take turns picking favorite recipes out of a cookbook and let the kids and dad join in on the fun.
  10. Playground – Go to the local playground and swing together or climb the monkey bars. Kids love it when parents play like they do.


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