Fun ways to enhance cognitive development in children

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Cognitive development is something that is characterized by the way that a child will learn and interact with their surroundings or even gain knowledge. While different levels of this will be achieved as the child continues to grow and learn, cognitive development in children can also be actively promoted.

As a parent you have a significant amount of influence on a child’s cognitive development. Especially when it comes to areas like memory, concentration, perception and attention and all you really need to do is implement some very simple everyday fun activities with your kid that can help you achieve all of that.

Practice the alphabet with them

Teach your child the alphabet through either helpful alphabet books or singing along to the alphabet song. This will help them to remember and identify letters and words that are formed with them as well as the sounds that each letter stands for.

Sing with your child

If your child has a favorite song play it regularly and sing along to it, encouraging your child to sing with you. After a while they will sing by themselves.

This activity will help you promote the memory of your child as well as their ability to identify words.

Teach them to identify noises

Always teach your child about noises you hear every day like a bird chirping, water flowing from a tap, the horn of your car and the likes. With time they will start relating these noises to the surroundings and everyday incidents.

Count with them

Count with your child. You do not have to necessarily sit down and open a book with numbers for this. You can use a book too but also relate it to everyday incidents like counting the number of toys they have or their shoes because they will remember it better if they are having fun and is of interest to them. After some time, you will see that your child is counting everything even when you are not. That is progress!

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Shapes and colors

Identify shapes and colors while you are interacting with your child. Use colors to describe normal things like for example, “bring your red ball”, “pick up that blue bottle” or “where is your green shirt?” will help them attribute words to the colors you say. You can use the same method for helping your child get familiarized with shapes as well.In addition to all of this offering your child options “would you like this ball or that other one?” or even asking them questions will help you promote their cognitive development quite well.

Play with them and keep your communication simple and open. Be a part of activities that they love doing the most. This will not just be a time of learning for your child but for you as well. Want to know more about cognitive development in children? This blog will help you get a good idea of how it works.

Enjoy parenting!!!


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