Easy, Healthy and Delicious Recipes for Kids

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Ditch the junk food and the sugar overload please and make sure that your kids get treated to a yummy and healthy meal everyday be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Guess what? It won’t take you two hours to make these either! Here are some easy, healthy and delicious recipes for kids that you can whip up in just minutes.

Cheese and Herb Rotti

Make the traditional rotti mixture by combining atta or wholewheat flour along with a pinch of salt, sugar and some milk or water as you prefer. Set aside for 5 minutes. In a pan whisk together milk and cream and add onions and chives along with a bit of oregano and basil if you like. You an also add in a sprinkling of salt, pepper and rosemary and finally whisk in some cheese of any variety that you like. Separate the dough you made before into small balls and flatten it. Roast it on your stove. Before taking it off the stove, add the egg and herb mixture on to the rotti and let is form a crust over it. If you can slightly bend up the edges of the rotti so that it looks like a pie, the eggs and herb mixture can actually be cooked inside like a filling.

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This one is super easy. Hard boil eggs and remove the shell carefully. Now slice them in half and scoop out the egg yolk. Place the egg yolk in a bowl and mix together with some grated or pureed carrot or beet. You can also add in spinach puree if you like. Mix in a dash of salt and pepper. Fill up the empty egg whites with the paste and add some garnishing so that it looks like a cute egg boat. Your kids will love this easy, healthy and delicious recipe for a snack.

egg boats healthy easy recipes for kids

Scrambled egg tacos

Your kids will love to bite into something crunchy for breakfast that feels like its junk food, but really isn’t. Scramble eggs with cheese and place aside. Finely cut up chives, tomato, bell pepper and olives. Mix the scrambled eggs with the cut veggies and herbs and add some salt and pepper if needed. Fill up the taco shells generously with the mix and sprinkle some cheese on top.

Chocolate and nut oatmeal

Place oats in a pan and add water to just cover them. Close lid and boil until all the water is absorbed. Next take one cup of coconut water and add to the oats along with a spoonful or two of organic honey and generous amounts of dark chocolate. You can also add in a couple of spoons of cocoa powder if you like. Let it all simmer and thicken. Take off the stove and add roasted nuts (pecan, walnuts, peanuts, cashew, almonds or pistachios) and also sprinkle roasted and grated coconuts. Your kids are going to love this energizing treat.

chocolate  nut oatmeal healthy easy recipes

Egg and potato bake

In a sauce pan lightly drizzled with olive oil sauté spinach, onions, potatoes, peppers, garlic, mushrooms and any other veggie that you like. Place this in a baking pot and make small wells in the layer using a spoon. Crack an egg each into each well and place in the oven. Bake until egg is cooked through and the potatoes start to look golden. Scoop out spoonful by spoonful of this lively egg and potato bake and let your tot enjoy!


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