Family Nutrition; how to feed your family right

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Family nutrition

Among one of the biggest responsibilities of a mother is the fact that she will need to be in charge of her family nutrition and therefore also indirectly be responsible for the kind of impact that food has on the bodies and the health of her family. While this can seem a bit extreme, there are countless instances where mothers may be regretting the fact that they bought their six year old a few too many ready made meals. While this is important mothers also have two thousand different other duties that nobody can fulfill instead on them. So here are some ways in which you as a mother can feed your family the right things in the right way without making yourself black out.

Have a family nutrition meal plan

One of the easiest things to do would be to establish a meal plan. This will give you direction and everybody will also have a say in what you are making so that they cannot refuse to eat something that you made for their well-being. For example, if you, your spouse and two children are there in your family, plan out the meals where all of you can eat the same things like spaghetti and meatballs, homemade hamburgers with no oil and chemicals or a simple soup and vegetable stir fry. The advantage of letting you family tell you what they want to eat in the week is that you get to keep their taste buds happy and definitely make a healthy version of the dishes that they ask for. Of course there will be exceptions to this like when you have kids with allergies, intolerance or really small kids who cannot eat the same thing you do. But apart from that you should be able to figure this out.

family nutrition

Measure your family nutrition in daily servings

You next need to make sure that your family gets the right nutrition by giving them the right daily servings that they should be taking like how many servings of fruit and vegetable per day must they have, how much calories are alright and the likes. Yes, it does certainly look like a lot of work but it is all worth it in the end because all these will finally add up to give you that healthy family. You should know what the best options should be for important meals like breakfast and what you should avoid at dinner.

Family nutrition

Family nutrition planning can be fun too

One big secret to be able to keep this healthy eating mentality going is to actually allow a little bit of cheating and fun too. Have days and meals in the week where your kids can have an ice cream for breakfast or chocolate chip cookies for dinner. Treat them to an extra cheese pizza every now and then. This way they are not losing out on anything that they might want to give up healthy eating for in the long run and it will benefit all of you.

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