Breastfeeding and going back to work

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Many mothers think that they need to throw in the towel and give up on breastfeeding as soon as they realize that they have to go to work but that is not true. If you can plan slightly ahead of time, you will be able to go to work and still make sure that your baby is breastfed and therefore the nutrition that they need.

Get your baby used to drinking breast milk from the bottle

You should not worry about not being able to give your baby breast milk if they can actually drink from the bottle. All you will have to do is use a breast pump and fill up the daily requirement of breast milk into sterilized bottles until you get back home from work.

Get used to the breast pump

Using the breast pump can be a bit daunting at first if you are not used to it. Therefore we recommend that you start practicing how to use the breast pump before your maternity leave is over so that when you are finally ready to get back to work, you can easily make use of the breast pump. It will also come in handy for you because you will be lactating and if you don’t get rid of the breast milk that is being made in your mammary glands, you will leak and you might even have pain in your breasts.


Ease into the work routine, don’t stop breastfeeding

For most mothers who are new to motherhood leaving their newborn baby at home and being in office can be stressful and draining emotionally. You will always be worried about your baby and your bodily changes will also take a toll on you. think about easing into the routine such as going in two days a week at first, or working half a day for about a couple of weeks. Once you realize that your baby is alright, you will be able to work with more peace of mind.

Pump during your usual breastfeeding times

You are advised to breastfeed your baby once before you leave to work in the morning and immediately after you get home after work. During the workday, if there are facilities and a space provided for this at work, you should think about pumping your breasts once at the time that you would usually nurse your baby if you were to be at home.


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