Parenting Challenges: Parent Vs. Friend

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Parenting challenges are abundant no matter what kind of family you would look at. As a parent you will come face to face with many situations that you feel completely out of depth about and you would also feel sometimes that you are not doing a good job as a parent. This is completely normal and you are most certainly not alone. Millions of parents all around the world, go through the same feelings day in and day out – it doesn’t make you any less of a great parent though. One of the toughest challenges that will come your way is whether or not you should be a friend and parent to your child or just a parent alone. Here are some basic guidelines that can help you out in such situations.

Parenting Challenge: your kids are showing stubborn, unruly behaviour
Solution: keep it together

If you feel that your kids are showing stubborn and unruly behaviour your parenting challenge at that point is to control your reaction first and their discipline second. The minute that you lose your cool, your kids will too. In such a situation the best method forward is to be diplomatic. If you can get into the mindset of a very laisse-fair parenting style, you could possibly get to know from your kids why they behave that way or whether something is bothering them. No child will confide in a parent that is angry themselves.



Parenting Challenge: Your kids are lying
Solution: be their friend but guide the way

Lying is common in children as they grow up and also get influenced by the various other people that they come across in life. However it could also be that they are lying because they are afraid to test your temper or to even find out what your reaction would be like if they have made a mistake or done something wrong. They may also lie because they want to get something or go out with friends perhaps but do not want to tell you the truth thinking that you will refuse them. This can easily be avoided if you foster an environment in your home where your children, no matter whether they are toddlers or teenagers, know that they can speak to you about issues or their needs and that you will not lose your cool at them. In this case, being a friend is hands down the right answer.


These are just two of the most common examples that can be generally applied to household equations between children and parents. Your parenting style will determine your parenting challenges too and to overcome these, remember that you may have to stay flexible and open minded. At the end of the day, all you genuinely want is the best for your kids.


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