Delivery Tips; how to not panic when you are going into labour  

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One thing is for sure, the delivery of your baby will scare you at least a little bit and that is normal. After all, it is one of the most intense pains known to mankind and pretty much a battle between life and death. Of course, the vast majority of mothers have no complications and go home safe but even then, there could be little worrying thoughts that come and go into your mind about the day that you will be giving birth to your child. Worrying too much during pregnancy is not good for you and the baby, so here are tips on how you can avoid panicking and enjoy a healthy delivery.

Delivery tip 01: Talk it out and don’t bottle it up

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and talk about what’s bothering you. Speaking with someone you trust—a partner, friend, doctor or therapist—about your feelings as soon as something comes up, no matter how unimportant you think it might be. Expressing your thoughts can help you understand them, which will give you insight on how to cope.

Delivery tip 02: Know the tricks

If pain is your big fear, then make sure you know what options are available in terms of pain management. Just knowing you have tools at hand may ease your worries. Varying birth positions may make labour go more smoothly. Start training your brain to think of contractions as sensations that will help you deliver your baby, and learn how to breathe and relax into them instead of fighting them.

Delivery tip 03: Pick the right team

Sometimes you may need somebody other than your partner in your delivery room when you are trying to get through all those contractions. Pick that team carefully. Somebody who makes you feel safe and happy is a good choice. It is not a must that this has to be your partner. A parent, sibling or friend will be able to help you too.

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