Sex Education and its importance for teens and tweens

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sex education

Sex education is important. If you watch the news you may just see how much of crime takes place on a daily basis. You may have heard stories of harassment and exploitation and you may have heard tales of children who had to face life altering experiences because they were not aware of their sexuality and how to stay safe. In a worl where anybody can be anybody online and where the majority of teen and tween relationships are forged on Facebook and Instagram, the importance of sex education cannot be stressed enough.

Sex education fosters good values

A proper sex education will foster good values and not leave a bad or even a ridiculous impression to the kids. Most counselors take precaution on how to present this sensitive topic to kids because a single misrepresentation may give them a wrong idea about sex.

Sex education helps kids accept themselves

If sex education is properly taught to kids, it will result in a better acceptance of who they are. Kids who are pre-teens are experiencing drastic changes in their body. Some can cope with it but most kids don’t understand why puberty happens. With sex education, they will understand that their body is naturally changing. No need to get embarrassed since everyone will have to go through that stage.

sex education

Sex education helps eliminate unhealthy curiosity

Kids who are properly informed through sex education will also know the essential information about what is and what is not about sex. This will eliminate the kids curiosity about their own bodies. There are two types of curiosities and what sex education aims to avoid is unhealthy curiosity. Teens will want to explore their bodies. Without proper education, they will not be able to know the boundaries of sex.

sex education


One of the most important aspects of sex education is protection. Sex education is not encouraging sex but rather informing kids, especially teens, so that they will be prepared when the time comes for them to engage in sexual intercourse. In today’s age, teens already know what sex is all about but its completely stereotyped by what they see online, in movies and in other forms of literature. Protection isn’t just about curbing unwanted pregnancies. Sometimes, life can be endangered.

sex education

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