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baby's skin

Your baby’s skin is much more sensitive than yours. This is why the slightest issue could lead to severe reactions like allergies, irritation or the likes, causing your baby to be in a lot of pain. As a mother, the one thing that you will not want, is to see your child in pain. So making sure that you take all the steps needed to ensure the safety of your baby’s skin. Here are some great tips that you can make use of.

Avoid using anything that is not recommended for babies

Something really obvious that you could do, is to avoid using anything on the baby’s skin, if it has not been recommended for the baby. There are separate baby products in the market and while these may be somewhat more expensive compared to adult products, they are really the only ones that are recommended for use in little children, especially infants.

baby's skin

Do not use anything that has too much colour or fragrance on baby’s skin

Sometimes, the dyes used to colour various products or the essences used in making them fragrant can be rather harsh. If you are going to be using these items, you need to make sure that these are hypoallergenic or completely natural dyes and essences that will not irritate the baby. This also applies to the kind of washing powder that you use to rinse the baby’s clothing in. Some detergents are strong and even the slightest residue on clothing can cause irritation or even contact dermatitis in babies.

baby's skin

Harsh fabrics and rough wiping and the baby’s skin

When you give your baby a wash or a shower and then proceed to wipe them down, gently pat the water dry. Do not rub he towel against their skin as you would against yours. Your skin is mature and strong; theirs isn’t. It might hurt them and cause tiny bruises. Next, when you choose fabrics for the baby, make sure that it is definitely recommended for the baby such as cotton or baby linen. If the climate is hot you will need breathable fabrics and if it is cold, something to keep the baby warm.

baby's skin

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