Labor pains and how to ease them without medication

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labor pains

If you are thinking about giving birth without the help of medication to ease your labor pains, there are many strategies that you can use to ensure that you ease your way through this undoubtedly painful process. No matter what do not worry too much or panic, that will only work to increase the pain.

Practice rhythmic breathing to beat labor pains

Breathing techniques can help you manage your contractions. When you have contractions, breathe fully and deeply in a slow fashion. Release the tension each time you exhale and sometimes moaning a little while doing so can really help. You can also try to take really quick breaths, for example a breath once every 2 to 3 seconds. If you lose out on your rhythm you partner will be able to help you catch back on with eye contact and imitating the breathing pattern.

Keep moving

Rather than lying down try to move around while you are experiencing contractions. Walking, leaning, rocking, swaying and squatting are all movements that can help. Find a position that makes your feel comfortable and use it.

labor pains

Use imagery and visualization to not dwell on the labor pain

The more that you think and dwell on the labor pain, the more pain you will feel. Instead of doing this, use your imagination and think of something that makes you feel happy and hopeful. You can even focus on your partner’s face or look out of a window or look at a picture that you really like. It will help ease the contraction pains.

Take a warm shower or a bath to keep labor pains at bay

Taking a warm shower or getting into a bath of warm water can really help ease labor pains. If you can sit on a stool and hold a direct handheld shower-head on to your stomach or back area, it can help you relax and sometimes it may even help you get through the labor faster.

labor pains


Warm and cold compresses

Place warm or cold packs on your legs, back and groin regions or even on your shoulders to help ease the pains. Be careful not to burn yourself or to not place ice directly on to your skin. If you cannot get a compress make sure there is a thin towel wrapped around the hot or cold object.


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