Kids and pets – the pros and cons of having both in your home

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If you have kids and pets both at home, you may feel a bit challenged sometimes to get through the day because of the extra work that comes along with them. On the other hand, your kids may be asking you to get them pets and if that is the case, you would probably want to consider all the minuses and pluses of having kids and pets together in the same house. Here are some of the pros and cons of having both kids and pets. This will definitely help you make up your mind.


Advantages of getting your kids pets
  • They will have a good and true friend who will love them unconditionally for life.
  • They will learn how to be compassionate by looking after their pet. Animals also have remarkable compassionate qualities, some of which will rub off on your little one too.
  • They will learn many good qualities like loyalty, respect, patience and obedience from watching how their pet reacts towards them and to their family.
  • They will understand the concept of sharing better.
  • They will learn to help those who are voiceless.
  • Pets can be great therapy for when children are feeling down, low or pressured. They can help them see through the darkest clouds and will help them cope.
  • They will keep your kids active and therefore, you will have to do little in terms of exercising both your kids and your pets.
  • It has been studied that children who have pets also show better signs of impulse control.


Disadvantages of getting your kids pets
  • You will have a lot of cleaning up to do, at least until both the child and their new best friend learns all the ground rules.
  • Kids will make promises saying they will clean up, look after the pet and whatnot, just because they really want the pet. You just shouldn’t believe everything they promise you just yet.
  • There will be a lot of noise in the house so be ready for it.
  • Remove all your rugs, expensive furniture and items. They may not be safe for very long with a child and a pet running up and down the house.
  • You might have to do a bit more home and garden maintenance than you bargained for.
  • Dirty laundry piles are going to become a norm, at least for some time.
  • Some kids may have allergies to pet fur and dander. Make sure that your kids are not allergic at the time that you get the pet.
  • A pet is a commitment for a lifetime. You should never adopt any animal no matter how big or small if you are unsure that you can give them a good life and look after them until their time to cross that rainbow bridge is here.


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