Kids Gardening; activities you can try out

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kids gardening

Kids gardening is a great way to develop a meaningful learning experience for children that they will actually enjoy. It can give them a chance to learn the life cycle process as well as teach them responsibility, because they will have to do the care taking. It will also improve their environmental awareness. Here are some amazing activities that you can try out with them.

Gardening Fundamentals

When you are trying to encourage the right types of kids gardening, you should first teach them basics. For example, the location, sunlight and shade, water and other nutrients as well as soil. You can also teach them how to choose plants that will thrive in the right place. Make a fun activity out of it by going shopping for seeds and plants, soil and compost and other items. Let your child check soil and decide which one is good.

kids gardening

A little patch of garden

A great way to keep the interest of the child going would be to give them their own patch of garden in the backyard. This way they will be in charge of it and they will have to decide what they should and should not do. However, always be there to help them. This way they would not get demotivated. You should also prep them to the fact that some plants will not take as well as others and, that some plants may die too.

kids gardening

Plants that are ideal for kids gardening

It is also important that you select plants that children will love to grow. It will be better to get large seeds than small ones, as that would be easier for them to handle. Some good examples of plants that kids will love to grow would be pumpkin, sunflower, peas and beans and squash types. Remember that children like to grow plants that they can see growing fast. They would also like it if their plants bore fruits and vegetables or flowers that they can pick.

kids gardening

The more that you work together with your children, the more they will enjoy these activities. However, do remember that interfering too much and trying to make them do things your way will also take the fun out of the process. Therefore guide them and help them, but let them learn through making decisions, mistakes and reaching success.

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