Social issues today’s teenagers deal with

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With the advance in technology, teenagers today face many social issues that no previous generation has fallen prey to. Some of these issues are not really new, but electronic media has changed or amplified their struggles for sure.  A disturbing fact is that today’s teens spend an absurd amount of time on their smartphones and other devices. Social media is affecting how they eat, live and communicate.


Depression rates are growing social issue among adolescents, especially in girls. Some researchers blame technology for this increase in mental health problems. Spending too much time on electronic devices may be preventing young people from engaging in sports or peer activities that help ward off depression. Depressive disorders are treatable but it’s important to seek professional help. if your teen seems withdrawn, experiences a change in his sleep patterns, or starts to perform badly in school, schedule an appointment with your teen’s physician or contact a mental health professional.


Social issue of alcohol use

As of 2017, alcohol use and being drinking showed a significant decline among teenagers globally. It’s important to hold regular conversations about the risks of underage drinking. Educate your teen about the dangers. Alcohol can take a serious toll on a teenager’s developing brain. Express your disapproval of underage drinking. Saying you don’t approve can make a big difference.


Social eating disorders and obesity

On one hand we have a teenage generation that is progressively obsessing about looking like their favorite celebrity or falling victim to the many pressures of staying thin. Whereas on the other hand obesity linked with the consumption of fast food and a sedentary lifestyle is also rather common, causing global epidemics of diabetes, morbid obesity and cholesterol.


Social media

This is probably the biggest social issue of them all. Comparing one’s own life to the on-reel highlights of another or comparing your appearance to a celebrity is not healthy at all. It is where all pressures and depressions begin. In addition to this anybody can pretend to be just about anybody behind a screen and this increases safety risks too.


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