Nursery colours and how they can affect child behavior

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A nursery for your child must be painted right because different colours can have different effects on the behavior of children. Colors influence our mood and behavior more than we think. It’s why choosing the right color for the kids’ rooms is particularly important. Using lots of bold and bright colors is not always a great strategy. Try instead to analyze each color and choose the combination that would best suit your child.

Nursery done in warm tones

Warm colors are just great to create a comfortable, intimate environment, making spaces feel cozy and inviting. However, they should be used in moderation because certain shades also stimulate and energize the mind, which is beneficial during the day but not that advantageous during the night. So unless you want your kid bouncing off the walls at night too, use warm tones in moderation in the nursery.


Nursery done in cool colours

Cool colors, on the other hand, have a calming effect and can make a room feel relaxing and spacious. But, despite that, they’re not particularly inviting and can make a space feel cold and austere. Therefore, if you are planning on using cooling colours in the nursery, make sure that you add a splash of some warm tones too.


Red for the nursery?

Red is a tricky color. On one hand, it’s an exciting color which can have some beneficial effects but on the other hand red can also be a little too tiresome for the eyes, causing headaches and inability to focus. Therefore, try and use this colour sparingly in some parts of the room only and maybe in little things like accessories, not to paint entire walls.


Pink for a girl’s nursery? Maybe not

Pink is the color we all go for in the case of a little girl’s room. Surprisingly, however, it’s not that great to use it excessively. If you paint the whole room pink the color can become irritating, leading to agitation and anxiety. So use it in moderation. Try to avoid painting the walls pink. Use it on the furniture, the rug or the wall décor.



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