Child Safety – What to do when your child inserts something in their nose

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Any child is curious by nature and they love to put anything they can in their mouth and sometimes also in their nose. They have no fear a lot of the time and therefore, if a child finds a coin or anything on the floor, it goes in their nose a lot of the time, just as much as it would in their piggy bank.

Foreign bodies getting stuck in the nose of a child is a pretty common situation. It is scary, but also common, usually during the ages of 2 – 5 years. Sometimes, children aged between 7 – 8 years can also insert foreign bodies into their nose. So what can you do if your child puts something in their nose?

Keep an eye out for your child and their actions

Usually before they insert anything in their nose, they will contemplate and if you are alert you can prevent this there and then. But in the case of older children, doctors have noted that they find foreign objects in noses during general exams. This is mostly because the child is now old enough to know that they don’t want to get in trouble and they just keep quiet. Some of the signs that something may be literally up with your child’s nose is;

  • A bad odor coming from one side of the nostril
  • Symptoms similar to that of a sinus infection
  • High fever or dark coloured mucous coming from nose

Either way, you need to act fast and get them medical help, if you do not want to or cannot remove it at home. If you delay, you could be risking a serious infection. It could also cause choking if the object gets sucked into the airway of the child.


How to remove an object stuck in the nose of your child
  • The mother’s kiss method; if you want to try and remove this at home, use this method but be very, very careful. Place your mouth over your child’s mouth, then hold the nostril that is NOT blocked and close it with a finger. Now blow gently into your child’s mouth.
  • Try this once, then get help from the doctor. Don’t keep repeating it or delaying going to the medical professionals.


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