Mums and Event Planning – Career option for a stay-at-home mum

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A traditional desk job would not be the best idea for stay-at-home mums, given that you have a little one (or few) always needing your attention. However, one thing that will really work well for you is event planning.

Event planning even goes hand in hand with motherhood! Want to know why and how? Here are some great reasons why you should feel at home working as an event planner while looking after your babies.

Mums are champions at handling stress

Most event planners will tell you how much stress they have to cope with on a daily basis, and you, as a mother have an upper hand here! You are naturally skilled at handling stress, now that you have experience of looking after an adorable little angel/monster. You can’t deny that. In fact, stress will drive you to complete your work well and on time. It will not get the better of you and you will not give up just because you have to deal with a little bit of garden variety stress.


Mums are super creative

You need to be creative to be an event planner. You will be told an idea and allocated a budget and you need to use your creativity into coming up with a concept, and then turning that into a real-life theme that will be enjoyed by everybody at the event. It’s no simple task right? But wait a minute, you do this on a daily basis don’t you? Start counting the times you’ve had to become a human airplane to get that spoonful of food inside your toddler’s mouth, how you take a shower while your baby is asleep for exactly 2.5 seconds and of course the numerous ways of just getting through the day in one piece (not the baby, YOU in one piece). What’s a little event planning got on you?


You probably have deadlines for breakfast

Let’s not even talk about this one. From waking up in the morning, to catching ten minutes of sleep, to feeding times, cleaning times and every other time in between, you are the queen of deadlines. You give deadlines a deadline complex, so you are safe and sound and in good hands with event planning. Also, let’s face it, event planning is a baby compared to your baby.

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