Baby Refusing to Eat? Here’s Why

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A baby can refuse to eat for many reasons. It can be frustrating but there is always a way to handle such instances. Also, keep in mind that if your baby is developing normally, there is usually no reason for you to worry.

Baby refusing food

Babies refuse food for many reasons: They may be full, tired, distracted, or sick. Perhaps baby’s feeding schedule just isn’t your feeding schedule. A baby will always eat if they are actually hungry, so if the baby is swatting away the spoon or in any way refusing to eat, maybe they are telling you that they have had enough at the time. However make sure to not let the baby snack on junk foods before meal times, because this would mean that they don’t get to eat their healthy food. Feed them healthy food always. You should also trust that your child knows when they want to eat and so, don’t ever force feed your child. That said, if a refusal to eat has you worried, always talk to your pediatrician.


Baby avoiding new foods

Almost every child goes through a period of rejecting new foods. Fortunately, most children grow out of this phase, though it can sometimes take weeks, even months. You can help them accept these better by making it similar to something they like. Try to offer them the new foods three times during one meal and if they refuse, don’t go back to it. Offer it again at a different meal instead.


A child can be a picky eater

There are many reasons infants may be finicky about food. They may be teething, tired, not yet ready for solids, or just don’t need as much food as you’re feeding them. Don’t worry children usually grow out of this too. Just give it time.


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