Walking Basics for Parenting

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Babies begin walking from about 4-15 months. During this time span, they go from learning how to sit up, to walking around your home on their own. This can be very exciting for both the parents and the baby, but you should also know the walking basics to encourage walking in your baby and to help them learn faster. Something like a simple word of praise and positive body language can go a long way too.

Walking cycle stage 01: Sitting

When the baby starts sitting on their own, without support they are at the first stage of walking and gaining mobility. Sitting will help your little one strengthen the muscles they will need when they eventually need to stand. This usually begins at 4-7 months. During play time, roll around ball back and forth or play stacking games to help them enhance their little muscles.


Walking cycle stage 01: Crawling

The most important thing for the baby to do at the crawling stage is to practice moving their arms and legs at the same time. They are now gradually sharpening the skills that they need for walking. This usually happens from 7 – 10 months and during this time you can help them develop motor skills and muscles by helping them crawl from one side of the room to the other. Then praise them for it.


Walking cycle stage 03: Pulling up

At the age of about 8 months, the baby is curious and will start pulling themselves up with the support of furniture or their parents. This is when you should begin working on their balance and familiarize them with their standing position and posture. Help them with pulling up and show how they can sit back down.


Walking cycle stage 04: Walking with help

Around 8 – 9 months, the baby will begin to gain balance holding your hands. Now help them take a few steps and give them support. This leads into the next phase which is walking more confidently and without help from you. Keep practicing. The more you practice the sooner and better they will start walking. If they fall, laugh it off, tend to the area that hit the floor, but never act scared and panic, it will discourage your baby from walking. Let them learn. They will fall before they stand.



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