Music and Cognitive Development in Children

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A 2018 study done by the University of Helsinki tested 66 children over a two-year period. The children were aged from five to six years old. They were subjected to the tests twice each year and observed for linguistic skills, perception abilities and inhibitory control.

Playschool music classes can help cognitive growth

The researchers then went on to compare children who attended music playschool classes against those who did not. They found that the children who attended the music playschool music classes were experiencing faster development in language skills compared to the children who did not.

In addition to this, in a study conducted in 2018 study from the University of Toronto, scientists tested 84 teenage students. They first gave them musical tests to gauge their musical skills. They also tested their short-term memory, their general cognitive abilities, and their openness to new ideas.

The researchers found that students who had greater musical skills also had greater short-term memory, better cognitive abilities and greater openness compared to those students with less musical competence.


Child learning music have better brain health

Clinical research has confirmed through a lot of research, that a child’s brain grows faster when they are learning music early on in life. In a 2012 study from the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, doctors tested 36 musicians, half of whom learned to play music before the age of seven and some who learned to play music after the age of seven. They found that those who had learned music before the age of seven had larger areas of white matter in the corpus callosum – an area of the brain that connects the right and left hemispheres. Those who started playing music before the age of seven had greater connections within the nerve fibers of this region. Those musicians who began training later showed no difference in their brains than those who were not musicians.



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