Kids and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Kids can have OCD too. Just like how an old record would get stuck in one place, OCD causes your child’s brain to get stuck on the particular thought or even an urge. For example, they may wash their hands about twenty times, or want to check if all their toys are kept in an exact order. These actions will not give them any mental peace in the long run, but just for that fleeting moment, kids may experience a sense of relief from the anxiety that they would feel if they did not carry out their urge.

What are the obsessions and compulsions like?

Obsessions are In fact, involuntary thoughts, impulses or even images that occur on repeat in the mind. You don’t necessarily want to have any of these ideas, but you certainly can’t stop them. Unfortunately, these obsessive thoughts can, more often than not, be disturbing and distracting. Compulsions are behaviors or sometimes also rituals that will make children feel compelled to perform a useless activity over and over again. Usually, compulsions are given into by most kids in the hopes that the anxiety will go away if they do so. For example, some children who are afraid of contamination, tend to develop rather elaborate and almost painfully meticulous cleaning rituals. However, the relief is never something that lasts for a long period of time. In fact, the obsessive thoughts are known to come back stronger with time. The behaviors and rituals that they carry out, may become more demanding over time, leading to anxiety even more.


What are obsessions?

Obsessions are fears that kids with OCD can’t stop thinking about. They may realize their thoughts don’t make sense, but they still feel anxious about certain things. These fears might include whether:

  • They, or someone else, will get sick, hurt, or die
  • They said a bad word, had a bad thought, or made a mistake
  • They have broken a rule, done a bad thing, or sinned
  • Something is clean, dirty, or germy
  • Something is straight, even, or placed in an exact way
  • Something is lucky or unlucky, bad or good, safe or harmful





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