Holidays and kids – mistakes to avoid

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Are you planning any holidays for your children this year? If so you have so much planning to do and many arrangements to make. However, in doing so, if you make certain mistakes even unintentionally, you may be seriously ruining your family’s chances of having a really great time together. This is why it is important to avoid these several mistakes that many parents tend to do.

Picking destinations for holidays your kids don’t like

Any child will be excited to travel, period. They will never say no to boarding a plane and travelling to some far away location where they have no homework and get to have loads of fun instead. While many of the travel destinations in the world are perfect for both children and adults there are some destinations that will offer a bit more than others. There will be some destinations that are better suited for a couple on a romantic vacation rather than a family with children who have pent up energy in them. Therefore, what you can do is to research beforehand on locations that will give your children the best chance to enjoy. One of the biggest mistakes that you can do is go on holidays that cater more to you and not to your children.

Picking activities for holidays that may not be safe for kids

As a parent, your priority will always be for the safety of your children. There is no questioning that. But that said, there are also instances where you may put a little too much faith in your parenting skills. You are only human after all and not super man and super woman so when you choose activities for you and your children you have to make sure that it is safe for them to take part in and not just you. Leaving your children while you go trekking will definitely not be fun for them and they will get frustrated. On the other hand, getting your children to climb a rock without any former training can be a bit dangerous. If this is the case, you will also need to hire professional help that can keep an eye out for the safety of your children; and you thought this holiday would be simple to plan?

Feeding them too many ‘new food’ items

While you may be able to handle new food items relatively easily, your child may not be able to do so. Let’s admit it, even adults have rumbling tummies and indigestion if they indulge too much on new food that your system is not used to while on holiday. When you travel with your children, remember to always have some canned or fresh fruits to hand and maybe even carry some soupy noodle packets so that they can have some of the new food items but not too much so that it upsets their stomachs. Be especially careful about eating fruit and vegetables without washing and cooking and about drinking water without being sure if it is clean for use. A sick child is not going to enjoy that holiday.



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