Dads being dads: ways to encourage new fathers

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We rarely talk about dads when it comes to being a parent. But dads play a really important role in the life of a child too. When your newborn finally arrives, it’s easy to feel like there are two stars of the show: the mom and the baby.

But what about dad? He did not give birth to the baby but he was there all along and as much as excited as you are, he probably is too, but his role still isn’t clearly defined if you think about it.

So here’s how you can encourage new dads and support them through this life altering milestone.

Encourage dads to be prepared

So you’ve been devouring everything you can about pregnancy and infants during your pregnancy. Encourage your partner to do the same. Read books, instructional information, and magazines. You’ve likely already signed your guy up to accompany you to CPR and childbirth courses. Also take him with you to clinic appointments and the likes.


Get his help

There’s one thing that’s practically guaranteed: After giving birth you will be feeling pretty exhausted. If your baby rooms with you, you can bet it will be your first sleepless night. That means you’re going to have to rely on your partner. A lot. He’ll be the one to run out and ask the nurse for more painkillers. He’ll be the one helping you to the bathroom. And when you’re too sleepy, he will have your back.


Encourage dads to bond with the baby

It can be difficult to relate to a newborn. Many dads struggle the first few months before they finally make a breakthrough and that is a lot of hard work. Allowing the dads to soothe their upset babies is a guaranteed way of getting them both to bond with each other.


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