Baby Shoes…How to Choose?

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Baby Shoes

Baby shoes are adorable, c’mon you agree don’t you? There is just something so out of this world about seeing cute tiny feet in pretty shoes. It melts hearts and makes you go “awwww”. But not all baby shoes are created equal! It takes time to see it but some baby shoes are made better than others. It is also not just about the looks either, so here’s how to choose your baby shoes.

Baby shoes must be lightweight

The shoes that you buy must help the baby move freely and for that, they need to be lightweight. They should also enjoy wearing them. Babies will not like baby shoes that are chunky and feel like lead on their little feet.

Baby Shoes

What sole is right for the baby’s activity?

If your baby isn’t fully walking yet, he or she will need different shoes than a kids that is walking pretty much the whole day. There are different types of shoes that you can buy for pre-walkers which are soft and durable. Then you have shoes for first walkers which is for cruising babies and wobbly, unsteady walkers, to improve balance and stability. Then you have shoes for kids who are so great at walking, they keep running!!! These will have thicker and harder soles.

Baby Shoes

Baby shoes must be flexible

Even if the baby is not walking yet, the shoes need to be flexible. Even babies who don’t walk still move their toes around, so make sure you pick shoes that are flexible! So make sure that you pick the right ones that give them enough flexibility when they are on.
Baby Shoes

Baby shoes, not stinky shoes

Some shoes stink up real bad, real fast. Avoid these at all times no matter how great they look or feel or how great the price looks for that matter.

Baby Shoes

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