The viral flu and what to do

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viral flu

The viral flu is spreading like wildfire these days and who is at the most risk of getting it? Kids. They go to school, touch their face often without having clean hands and don’t generally grasp what to do and what not to do as adults do when it comes to catching sicknesses. So what can you do to make sure that your child is safe from the seasonal flu spreading all over Sri Lanka?

viral flu

Clean hands to keep the viral flu away

Teach your kids to maintain clean hands always. They should be able to wash their hands before eating or even touching their face for that matter. The germs can be lying around on pretty much ant surface and if your child does not catch it if it is airborne, they definitely will catch it if they do touch a contaminated surface and then touch their face. Teach them how to properly wash hands and why they should touch their face or east with unclean hands.

viral flu

Eating clean food

When children go to school, if they are old enough to have some pocket money, they may want to eat snacks with friends on their way home or during recess and that’s not very helpful these days either. Because the seasonal flu can also be spread easily via food, you should try and give your children home made food as much as possible and advise them against eating from unclean places during this season.

viral flu

No touching every surface

Kids will absent-mindedly run their hands along any surface that there is and this can be dangerous and increase their risk of catching something. Therefore, always tell them not to touch surfaces needlessly as that can make germs get on them a bit easier.

viral flu

Just as much as you would tell your kids how to stay safe from the viral flu, teach them how they can not spread it around if they have it anyway. For example teaching them to cover their nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing is a great way to start. Using tissues and disposing them correctly would be another.

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