New parents? Here are some tips you cannot miss

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As a new parents you are learning a lot of things all at the same time and sometimes, it can become really overwhelming. That said there is one thing that you cannot shake off and that is the fact that you will most certainly need all the help you can get to make sure that your newborn stays healthy and happy. So here are a few tips from us that we feel will really help you with your little bundle of joy.

New parents should not ignore baby body language

Crying is not the sole way in which your baby will try and communicate with you. in fact if the baby has clenched fists it could say that the baby is hungry or stressed out. If they continuously kick it could mean that the baby is in a playful mood and wants to play. If they happen to be pulling on their ears a lot, check to see if they are teething.

How to breastfeed your baby the right way

Keep your hand close to the baby’s head if they are a newborn. It helps to witch sides and your baby will find it easier to feed as well. You must also keep in mind that babies do ask to be fed, if you watch them close enough. Generally newborns will need to be fed about 8 -12 times a day and keep an eye out for signs like them sucking on their fist, which means that they are getting hungry.

Here’s an interesting fact for new parents

You should not shake your baby too hard whether you want to wake them up or whether you are playing with them. This could actually cause bleeding in their brains as they are still delicate. Therefore, if you want to wake up your sleeping baby for whatever reason, tickle them a bit or blow on them gently and they will respond.

Pacifiers are not always helpful

Babies come with an instinct or reflex to suck and therefore, making bottles and pacifiers is actually helpful for you to look after them. If you do plan on breastfeeding your baby though, it is best that you wait until your baby is used to the nursing and then introduce them to the pacifiers. Ideally it is suggested that you wait at least until they are 2 – 4 weeks old.





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