Christmas games for kids

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Although everyone loves Christmas, it is really a holiday designed for kids. And nothing makes the holiday more fun than Christmas games and activities designed specifically for them. We have some old favorite kid games with a Christmas twist, some new popular Christmas games, and some time-consuming activities for to keep the kids entertained for a longer time. Choose from our Christmas Party Games, Fun Christmas Games, or Christmas Activities for kids. Christmas parties for kids are more fun with games. Choose one or more of the following for a fun time.

Stack the Gifts

All you need for this fun game is several wrapped packages of various sizes. Try stacking them yourself to make sure the challenge is difficult but possible. You can play this game in teams or pairs if you wish. The goal is to see how many gifts kids can stack before the pile topples. The highest pile with the most gifts wins this game.


Stocking Guessing Game

Fill a stocking with small toys and Christmas items, for example, a candy cane, bell, small car, or pinecone. Let the kids feel the stocking and try to identify the contents. The child with the most correct guesses is the winner.

Pin the Nose on the Snowman

Use white paper to make the outline of a snowman. Provide eyes, a mouth, and a black top hat for your snowman. Cut orange-colored “carrot” noses for the kids to attempt to attach to the face of the snowman. Adhere a piece of double-sided tape to each nose.


Candy Cane Hunt

Hide candy canes and let the kids look for them. If you wish, you can also use individually wrapped Christmas candy. For added fun, include a few toys. Prior to the hunt, let the kids decorate brown sandwich bags with markers and Christmas stickers. They can use these bags to take their party treats home.


That Present Is Mine!

Have each kid bring a used toy wrapped as a Christmas gift. After the children sit in a circle, randomly choose a kid to start this game by picking out a present for themselves. They unwrap the gift, and the next child has the option of taking the gift already opened or choose one from the other wrapped presents. The fun comes when there is one toy everyone wants and one nobody wants. Everyone ends up a gift, although not necessarily one they want!


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