Parenting Advice: All you need to know

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Parenting doesn’t come easy but that should not stop you from knowing these simple rules of thumb that can save you a lot of trouble and help you when it comes to bringing up your children. Here are some basics that you should know about.

Allowing your kids to ail is good parenting

To learn self-sufficiency, kids need to occasionally dust themselves off without your help. Remember that long-term benefits; a teenager who knows how to do her own laundry, for example trumps momentary discomfort. Before you rush in to help with any physical task, ask yourself: “Is my child in real danger?” Think about whether your child has the necessary skills (dexterity and balance) or simply adequate sleep and a snack. Yes? Time to back off and see what happens.


Stick to the 3 rules of homework

Do the hardest thing first. Rule number two: Put away the phone. Homework time can’t be totally tech-free, but it can at least be free of text messages. Rule number three: As soon as assignments are finished, load up the backpack for tomorrow and place it by the door. This is a clear three-step process that kids can internalize, so there’s less nagging from you.


Keep in mind about H.A.L.T.

Tantrums often happen because the thrower is Hungry, Agitated, Lonely, or Tired. Make sure that your child is eating well and eating healthy. Ensure that they are not agitated by giving them access to activities that will keep them occupied and help them overcome any angst. They should also have adequate company so that they are not lonely and if they are tired, let them rest up to recover.

Engage you kids in acts of kindness (random or not)

Kids need to know that helping others is an everyday practice, not just a one off gesture that has to be planned out. Challenge your kids to complete small tasks every week, like throwing away another kid’s trash at lunch or raking a neighbor’s lawn. Training your children to focus on others helps curb entitlement. These are all basic parenting tips that can help you raise good-natured and responsible kids.



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