New Year resolution ideas for kids

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New Year

The New Year is almost here and just like grown-ups, kids should also have their resolutions set so they can move forward in 2020 with a plan in mind. As parents most of you may also be interested in ensuring that your children have the right resolutions for the New Year so here is a bit of help to set up a list of resolutions that can be helpful and productive.

I will keep my room clean

Staying neat and tidy is something that all children should be trained in. it helps if they are given this guidance from an early age onward so that as they grow up, they maintain the same values. As far as New Year resolutions go, this one is an excellent place to start from.

New Year

I will maintain good grades in school

Another great idea would be to encourage your children to maintain good grades during this upcoming school year. This however, should not put too much pressure on them. Simply let them know that they should work to their best abilities and enjoy what they learn.

This New Year, I will eat less snacks

Another great idea to curb your child’s penchant for eating junk food would be to tell them that they should resolve to eat less junk and processed snacks and take in more healthy food. You can even start a small reward system for this so that there is an incentive.

New Year

I will have fruit or veg with every meal

We all know kids don’t really like fruit and veg. but tell them to make a resolution to eat fruit and veg with every meal and on your end, you can work on making tasty and attractive food items that kids will love and give them this nutrition at the same time.

New Year

I will try out new foods

This one is a great way to get those fussy eaters off the fussy list. You should help them eat new foods by making tasty snacks out of healthy items and also making them visually appealing so that your children will be encouraged to try out new food items and not just the same ones that they limit themselves to.

I will go to bed at the right time

Sleep and rest are both very important for growing children and that is why bed time curfew needs to be part of the New Year resolutions. You should discuss a time with your kids and make sure that your children go to bed accordingly, especially on school nights. Weekends could be a reward if they follow this resolution properly.

New Year



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