Good table manners to teach kids

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Whether you’re eating at home, dining out, or having dinner with friends, good table manners for kids are an important part of every meal. When you teach your child good table manners, you are giving them important tools for social interaction that will serve them for the rest of their lives. The basic work for good table manners needs to be taught in the house so that when your kids go out, they can use them well and not create an awkward situation for both themselves and others. While you do not have to teach them extremely intricate table manners, it would be good to teach them some of the basics.

Always wash their hands and come to the table clean

It can be unpleasant when a child who is unclean sits at the table, especially at an outsider’s house. Even more unpleasant would be to see them eat with dirty hands. Keeping clean hands before eating is not just good table manners it is also great personal hygiene.

Always get them to offer help

While this may not exactly be table manners, always teach your kids to offer their help in the food department. Maybe they could help lay out the table and serve the food for instance? Teach them to make this a habit with you, so that when they are out, they continue to do the same.

Use the napkin and not the tablecloth or sleeve

Always teach your child to use the napkin to wipe their hands or mouth. Do not allow them to use the sleeve of whatever they are wearing or the tablecloth!!!

Table manners 101: wait till everyone has served

Sometimes kids can get in a rush to eat. However, teach them that it is good manners to wait until everybody at the table has served their food and started eating in order for them to eat. it is impolite to start eating while others have not even finished serving food.

Don’t chew badly

Chewing with the mouth open or chewing in such a way where an unpleasant sound is emitted are both big negatives and must be discouraged. Also teach your child to take small bites and never stuff their mouth while eating.




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