Coronavirus and how to keep your child safe

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Needless to say, almost all parents are feeling a lot of trepidation and anxiety over the global pandemic that has been merciless for the past couple of months. The spread of the virus in Sri Lanka has brought normal lifestyles to a halt and has brought the economy crashing down. With social isolation slowly but surely taking a toll on our mental health and wellbeing, while also being the best method to ensure that the spread of the virus is stopped, here is what you can do to make sure that your child is safe and healthy with you at home.

Avoid going out unless absolutely needed

The best thing that you could do as a parent at this time is to actually go by the social isolation policies that have been instilled in the country. Unless you work in the essential services or unless you absolutely most procure a curfew pass and step outside your home, avoid doing so as much as possible.

Follow hygiene guidelines to prevent coronavirus

There are hygiene guidelines that have been put in place for you to follow in order to ensure that the risk of the virsu contaminating your home is minimized. Follow these. Practice washing your hands and your child’s with soap and water for 20 seconds, tell them to not touch their face, keep surfaces clean at all times as much as possible. Don’t get paranoid, just stay aware.

Cook healthy meals

One of the most important factors that you will have to adhere to is eating a healthy and balanced meal. Cook clean and healthy meals at home. Of course you will have to ration them out as there is a difficulty in sourcing the produce but with many delivery services working around the clock, this should not be too difficult.


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