Healthy food for quarantine

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Its a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty for almost all of us as Sri Lanka battles the rather stubbornly persistent COVID-19 pandemic. Healthy living, healthy eating has never been more important. It has almost been a month since we went into social isolation and for most of us living in the cities identified as high risk zones, leaving our houses is just not possible with curfews left on indefinitely. For the entire country, it is one long battle that needs to be fought wisely.  So while you are at home with your loved ones and your kids especially, you will also need to think about what food items you can include in your daily meals to gain the right nutrition.

Fresh vegetables

one of the main components that you need to include in your meals will be fresh vegetables. While deliveries are happening rather efficiently around the country financial stresses continue to pile up as people are experiencing pay cuts all around. Try and buy the right amount of vegetables and preserve them in your fridge as long as you can wrapped in newspaper and foil so that you can cook healthy meals with good portions of vegetables. Leafy greens are an important part of this too.

Fresh fruits

We cannot forget fruit at a time where your vitamin intake needs to be on point. Again, you need not always try to buy expensive fruit such as apples and grapes. Try and choose fruits like papaya, banana, pineapple, oranges and watermelon. Guava and wood apples are also good choices.

Healthy snacks

Substitute all the sugary and processed snack options with healthy snacks. Home made versions of your children’s favorite junk foods will be helpful. Bake if you can but make sure that you are wise about the portions of ingredients you use. This is a time to cook and spend wisely.


Eggs and grains are a good source of proteins if you are concerned about eating fish and meats. You can easily find both eggs and grains delivered to your home and whole grains like chickpeas, cow-pea, mung beans and other such grains are great sources of proteins that promote health.

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