COVID-19 and Child Mental Health

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COVID-19 has really had an impact on the normalcy of our lifestyles and in more than one way, it has bought routine to a grinding halt. One of he factors that this has had a huge impact on is mental health. If as adults we feel the tension and the shift in our schedules so much, what kind of impact would it have on a child and what can we do to help them cope?

Build a routine for your days in isolation

one of the first things that you can do, is to create a routine for the time that you spend with your child or children in the house. The more you plan out the day and the more routine you decide to bring in, the more the sense of normalcy and organization will be there. Don’t just sit around complaining about how boring life is. Make the most of it with your kids.

Keep your child occupied

Your child will have a very active mindset and imagination. They will also definitely have way more energy than you do and if they are not allowed to be kids, they will get frustrated really soon and this will not bode well for anyone. Make sure that your child has enough activities to keep them occupied in the house. Play with them, or give them material that they need to draw and play with. Do their schoolwork with them and also, get creative.

Teach them the facts about COVID-19 not the myths

There is a lot of information floating around out there about this pandemic situation and not all of it is true. If your child is of an age where he or she is curious and seem to be questioning about the status of the world outside, make sure that you only educate them with the facts that are verified and leave out any unnecessary myths that may be passing around on messaging or social media platforms.

Keep listening to news in the home to the essential

Yes, you definitely need to listen to the news in order to stay updated. No, you do not need to listen or watch each news telecast on every channel throughout the day. This will give you anxiety and when your child catches that vibe they will also get scared thinking that something is wrong. It is also not advisable for the news to be left on always where there are constant reports of massive death tolls coming in which might affect the mind of the child negatively.


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