Parenting in the times of COVID-19

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COVID-19 has changed a lot for everybody today all around the world. For us in Sri Lanka, especially some of the districts that have been identified as high risk zones and placed under complete curfew for over a month, lifestyles have drastically changed. Parenting has become a new challenge seeing as children are home since last month. Parenting at a time like this comes with its own set of obstacles. Here’s something that might help you.

Don’t let the stress get to you

The stress, panic, fear, and confusion is all around felt. However with young children in the house, it may not be the best idea to let this get to you and drive all the decisions that you make as well as your behavior. Children feed off your energy in parenting and adapting a relaxed, confident and calm style would be best suited to help alleviate feelings of negativity in young children.

Enjoy this time with your kids

Don’t look at parenting as a full time chore during this time. Instead cherish it and look at it like a rare gift that you have been given to get to know your child better and spend more time with them. You can play a very active role in their education and becoming their friend if you play your parenting cards right.

Work positively towards a healthy tomorrow

This situation will not be perpetual. It may seem like there is no solution in the next week, but this will pass and we cannot afford to think of it as being not, if we are to stay positive and happy. Recognize that this is a global dilemma and that it will run its course. Meanwhile, work with your child on their studies, personality building and other such activities in the hopes of a healthy world where they go to school enriched, when things are better.

Stay hopeful. Stay resilient.  Difficult times do not stay forever.


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