Home schooling – positives and negatives

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Home schooling has become something of a norm over the past few months since March, when schools were shut down in order to keep children safe from the spread of COVID-19. As parents, a lot of you would have breathes easy knowing that your child is safe at home and not exposed to danger outside. However, with this change, also came in the challenge of home schooling. Earlier in one of our blogs, we spoke about various methods that you can use to make sure that your child’s education is not hindered while they learn from home. In our blog today, we discuss the positives and negatives of home schooling, where we hope, we can give you some great perspective.

Positives of home schooling

Let’s start of by looking at some of the positives that home schooling offers, so that you can proactively take better advantage of these.

  • Your child is safe and in your care which means that you have way less stress on your mind.
  • You have the time to bond with your child and spend quality time.
  • You now have the chance to teach them certain life skills that you would not have had the time to teach before. These may include skills such as – gardening, cooking, various handcraft styles, cleaning around the house, maintaining good fitness and more.
  • This is also a great time to look at and observe the talents that your child may be displaying, which you did not see before such as – singing, dancing, painting and more. This way you can take steps to reinforce and nurture these talents in your child.
  • You can now take up a more active role in getting involved with your child’s homework, projects and the likes.
  • Using different mediums of education such as online classes, and educational programs on TV is a great way to help you understand the syllabus and education system that your child is a part of.
  • This would be a great opportunity to work together well with the teachers and monitor the child’s performance levels from home.

Negatives of home schooling

Now that we know what we can do right, let’s have a look at what can go wrong or rather, may pose challenges.

  • You may feel stressed out that your child is missing out on their school year and the impact that this would have on their future. However, this is not something in your control, and as the government will take steps to ensure that children will not be negatively impacted, we recommend that you ease off the stress.
  • You may feel overwhelmed with the school work of the child. Especially if you are a working parent who did not have much time for following the school work of the child, or if you have no prior experience home schooling, it is completely normal to feel this way. This is why it would be a good idea to keep in touch with teachers and make sure that you are on track.
  • your child will be missing out on essential social interactions that play a vital role in their social skill, cognitive skills and emotional development. This is why it is important that you should spend as much time as possible with them.


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