How to improve reading in kids

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Reading is an incredibly important part of your child’s emotional and intellectual development.  Strong reading skills set your child up for success later in life in many ways.

  • Your child will learn new words and improve both their language association skills and the fundamentals of language
  • Reading increases your child’s ability to learn across all subjects, not just in language and reading
  • Hearing and reading stories helps your child to master concepts of logic, judgement, and cause and effect relationships
  • Reading helps your child to enhance their ability to concentrate and develop a longer attention span.


Personalize the story time of your kids 

 Have your child narrate a brief personal story to you while you write it down. Then, work together to read it out loud. This is called “Write a Story to Read a Story” in the education world.

Encourage regular reading

There are two very effective ways to encourage your child to read regularly. One is to make books available everywhere in your home. Lure your child into stories by having books on shelves or in baskets in rooms throughout your home. Another way to encourage your child to read is to lead by example. Parents are the ultimate role models for their children, and yours are likely to emulate the behavior that you display. If your child sees you reading before bed every night then they are more likely to do the same.

Discuss words that are essential

 If you’re providing background knowledge for a book, talk about an essential word they’ll encounter in the text, and further illustrate it with an example and a photograph that clarifies the meaning of the word. This can be done with kids that fall into any age group.

Try and maximize on their reading time

Encourage your child to take a book with them into bed, on a car ride, or anywhere else that they can carve out a little extra time to read. Even if they read just 20 minutes daily, that’s 3,600 minutes per school year — exposing them to nearly 2 million words annually! That is just remarkable now is it not?

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