Pregnancy mistakes to avoid

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pregnancy mistakes are very common even though you already know you should eat healthy, exercise and keep your prenatal care appointments. You need to know what these common mistakes are, so that you can avoid falling into those traps and risking your and your baby’s health and safety.

Why would you be eating for two?

our daily calorie requirement is roughly between 1800 to 2000 calories. Do you really think that a tiny fetus growing inside you would need those many daily calories to grow and develop? The answer is no. What your baby needs is the correct nutrition. The rule of thumb here is that, you need only 300 calories more than your normal calorie intake. Remember gaining excess weight during pregnancy can put you at risk of conditions like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and could necessitate you to have a C-section during your delivery. It can also lead to various other health problems postpartum.

You are not the doctor (unless you are)

Did you know that you are supposed to refrain from using antacids, paracetamol or even acne creams once you are pregnant? Self medication can have adverse affect on your pregnancy. Using over the counter medications, self medicating or undergoing harsh beauty treatments could lead to congenital abnormalities in your baby.

Breaking sleep?

If you thought that sacrificing on your sleep can help you get a work-life balance, know that pregnancy is no time to play superwoman. The hormonal and physical changes that happen within your body during pregnancy demand more rest. Less sleep would in fact add to your pregnancy-fatigue. Also, try and make up for all your sleep deficit, because your body will need you to be physically fit enough to go through the strains of labour and delivery. While resting and getting enough shut eye is a must, exercising is also of immense importance in order for your body to prepare for the arduous journey of being in labour.

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