The second wave – helping children cope

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The second wave of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka has taken a heavy toll on the daily lives of everyone. While there was always a risk that the second wave would have hit, the numbers this time have been rather intimidating compared to what the island dealt with during the initial lockdown period.

In the midst of all this, helping your children cope is something that all parents are worried about. But we have some helpful pointers for you that will help you tackle this challenge. Let’s go through what you can do as a parent.

Keep them engaged

First of all, a child’s mind is very active and they absorb pretty much anything that is put in front of them. This is also why letting them stay idle is a bad idea. Always help your child stay engaged at home and make sure that you are providing them with plenty of activities to do. It will not just help them cope while they are at home, it will help you too.

Continue their studies from home


Make sure that your child stays in touch with their studies from home. This is very important. With schools closed once more, your child will miss their teachers and friends. Unless the school has planned online classes, you should take an hour or two out of your day every day to make sure that you get your kid to focus on their studies.

Give them lots of healthy food

Healthy food is not just an immunity booster, it is also a mood booster. The more you give your child a balanced diet, the better their mood and health will be. Cook yummy food at home and if you want to, get your child to help you out in the kitchen too. For example, they can help you beat an egg, or wash some produce

Teach them all the necessary precautions

While you do all the things to keep them safe, tell your child about what they can do to stay safe too. Teach them good hygiene, how to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water, and that they should not touch their face at any time. These will help you relax as well.

If they have questions, answer honestly

Your child, depending upon their age, may ask you questions about the curfew imposed, or the pandemic. Now you need not go into deep details but it also is helpful to just let them know the important



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