Ways to encourage your child’s friendships

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A lot of parents, especially in our society are concerned about the friendships and relationships that their kids form outside of immediate family. What kinds of friends do they have in school? Are they any good? Will they influence your child in a negative way? These are all very valid questions that you will have running through your mind as a parent. However, you can actually follow a few very simple rules to ensure that your child feels that good friendships are encouraged, while also letting them know how to stay away from bad influences.

Invite their friends and families for a meal

If your child is young, you can always invite their best friends and families to a meal at your home. This will get you a chance to bond with their parents as well. It will also let your child know that you are actively engaged in their life and that you approve.

Keep tab of who your child is getting close to in a non-creepy way

And we stress on non-creepy. Don’t try to snoop through their phone or just barge into their space in an aggressive way. But rather build up a relationship with your child where they can come and talk to you about their connections. This way you can look out for your child and guide them as well.

Educate your child to look out for red flags

You should have frequent chats with your child and let them know what red flags they should look out for. You can even share experiences from your childhood and growing up years where you were impacted by friendships. Tell them about how they can look out for friends who lie, gossip and betray their trust, or are not there for them when they need them the most.

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