The importance of teaching your child self-love

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Self-love is a very often spoken about word today. We see it everywhere. in blogs, videos, advertisements and more. We are rather quick to tell people that they should love themselves more, but we rarely stop to think about the many different factors why a person would not love themselves as much as they should. Often, these issues are rooted in childhood experiences and sometimes even trauma that we may not know about. So in today’s blog, let’s look at why it is important for you to help your children understand the importance of self-love from a very small age onwards.

When a child understands that they must love themselves before they love others, they come to realize a few very important factors as they grow up in both age and experience.

– Only you can care for and love yourself 100%- Only you can care for and love yourself 100%
– The more you love and respect yourself, the more others will too.
– Prioritizing your needs, wants and happiness is not selfish. It is needed and healthy.
– Happiness lies within yourself and not with another person or object.
– The ability to set healthy boundaries for yourself could mean the difference between healthy and toxic relationships in life.

Self-love begins at home where kids are taught by parents to speak up for themselves, their rights and taught how to set healthy boundaries. In addition, as a parent, you can also do a lot to tell and reassure your children that they are complete human beings who are worthy and deserving of nothing but the best. The more love and support that your children get from you, the better they will cultivate their sese of self-love.

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