Bleeding during pregnancy – Second trimester

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For many people, the second trimester marks a moment of calm in pregnancy. The intense symptoms of the first trimester often dissipate, and the exhaustion, muscle pain, and anxiety about birth that are common during the third trimester may not have appeared. Small amounts of bleeding during the second trimester are typical and may not signal a problem, though it is important to get checked if something feels wrong.

Potential causes of bleeding

• Inflammation of the cervix (neck of the womb).
• Vaginal infections (including. sexually transmitted infections -STIs).
• Cervical erosion.
• Growths on the cervix – polyp.
• Disruption of blood vessels in the womb lining.
• Miscarriage, however, this is not always inevitable.

Bleeding in the 2nd trimester may also be a sign of problems requiring further tests. We advise that you always seek further medical advice if your symptoms increase or do not resolve. Sometimes doctors can see an obvious reason for your bleeding, however, sometimes they cannot identify any obvious causes. Similarly, they cannot predict whether your bleeding will resolve, how long this may take or whether it will happen again.

When should you call your doctor?

Emergency care isn’t always necessary. However, some signs require a doctor’s evaluation. Always call your doctor for advice if you’re experiencing signs of miscarriage. Early signs of miscarriage include:

• cramps and pain in the center of the abdomen with vaginal bleeding
• severe pain or pain that lasts for more than a day (even without bleeding)
• bleeding that is as heavy as a period
• spotting or staining that lasts for three days or longer


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