Explaining the concept of self-care to your children

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It is a critical time for children and teenagers to learn the importance of taking care of themselves and their communities. Self-care can help kids of all ages become more introspective and aware of their physical and emotional needs. It can also prepare them to effectively handle future stressors. Even small acts of self-care and self-help can decrease stress, improve relationships, and promote wellness of the body and mind.

Creative activities

Activities like painting, coloring, or molding clay are less likely to feel like a chore. Music and dance can have huge positive impacts on your child’s cognitive development, self-awareness, and physical health. As your child moves their body to the music, their brain releases endorphins to promote well-being and improve mood. Consider playing background music to try to balance your child’s mood; if they are struggling with anxiety or frustration, play softer or more uplifting music.

Use the future to explain why self-care is important

One way to talk to your child about self-care (or taking care of ourselves) is to ask them what their future self would be thankful for. Would your future self like it if you didn’t wash for a month? Or do you imagine it might be quite unpleasant?! What would you smell like? Children think most things that is not playing is boring, so using this visualizations can help them understand WHY we need to take good care of ourselves. Using the future as a way to engage their imagination to create alternative realities you can help them see the value of self-care and understand the consequences of not taking proper care of themselves


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