Fun ideas for painting with kids

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As a parent, it’s a big responsibility on your shoulders to let their kids be familiar with all kinds of learning especially which shapes and grow their mind positively. And painting helps children use their senses- where they design something by themselves, express their emotions, explore different colors and create extremely pleasing masterpieces. Painting is a great way through which a person or a kid can express themselves in their own special way.

Tape Resist Flower

Guess how this beautiful flower is painted, its super simple and innovative at the same time. The procedure is not complicated but a bit tricky. A new method to use tapes and getting never imagined creativity out of it is just amazing. 1st you are required to design a flower with a tape and then play with colors filling empty spaces with bright flower paint colors like red, yellow, orange, pink, etc. and background can go with any paint like blue or green. After you are done, let your painting get dry and once it’s dried then you are free to remove the tapes safely. You’ll have your painting in your hand.

DIY Painted Rock Paper Dolls

These rocks are simply turned into a very beautiful non-living adorable creature. People are nowadays gifting these rocks by painting it and changing it entirely by making a good difference in its look. You’ll be needed- Rocks (smooth rocks), craft paint, and paint markers. You can paint anything you love, you imagine, you want that on a rock piece like making dolls faces or just some simple round paintings.

Painted seashells

Seashells are basically of white or grey in color but there is no restriction if want them to be a little colorful or different from its original look. Right? You can take any color in your paintbrush and paint the whole shell giving it absolutely a new unique look. So the things needed- Obviously watercolors, seashells and a paintbrush. Within a few seconds and only with a very few types of equipment you’ll be able to get your customized sea shells which you can keep long with yourself in a box.

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