We asked parents why they should never spank or yell at their toddler. Here’s what we found out

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Toddlers can really test the patience thresholds of parents. That said, many parents are now taking an approach of not spanking or yelling at their toddlers. This is very important given that the vast majority of the cognitive and personality developments in a child happens during their toddler stage. Here’s what we found out when we spoke to these parents.

Yelling generates fear and not respect

Yelling is all about making the toddler fear you and the consequences of stepping over the line. When this happens, you make way for a relationship with your child that is based on fear, which will turn into anger and resentment as they become adults. Instead, what you want to do is teach them respect – both for you as a parent, and for the rules that are in place.

Kids listen less to you when you yell at them

Most parents found that yelling caused their toddlers to either yell back at them (or throw tantrums), or just withdraw and run away. Neither of these are healthy reactions from a toddler. When you yell at a child, you are activating their limbic system – a part of their brain that is responsible for the fight or flight reaction and that does not help you build a strong and trust based relationship with your child.

Appreciation and communication takes the same time as yelling and spanking

If you feel that yelling and spanking your toddler will get things done and over with faster, you are wrong. Most parents shared that they spent the same time to communicate to explain to their child as opposed to yelling and spanking – only, they got better results.

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