Newborn baby care tips for the monsoon season

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With the monsoons setting in, new parents need to be at their watchful best to counter monsoon illnesses. Here’s a look at few ways you can take care of your little baby during the rainy season!

Make sure that all areas of your home are clean including the garden, balcony, bathrooms or anywhere where water can collect and stagnate. Make sure the drains are clean. Check your home for leaks or dampness in order to avoid molds or fungus. Mop your floors twice or thrice a week with a disinfectant to help prevent diseases.

Mosquito bites are extremely painful for babies and can leave swollen red marks. In addition to this the risk of mosquito-carried diseases are also abundant during this time period. Make sure to cover your baby’s crib with a mosquito net so that he can sleep peacefully. Make sure your rooms have mesh net windows to restrict the entry of mosquitoes. Choose a mosquito repellent that contain natural ingredients, if you opt for one. Avoid going for walks at dusk time as mosquitoes throng to children. However, if you do step out, dress your infant in full-sleeved clothes and carry a natural mosquito repellent.

When monsoons dawn upon us, the atmosphere undergoes two major changes. The rains bring down the temperature of the surrounding area and let the trapped heat escape. This also consequently increased the humidity in the air. This is a weird combination that makes you feel cold and hot at the same time. In such cases, it is best to let your child wear clothes made out of cotton that is thick, or light fabrics made partially from wool. These not only keep him warm but allows his skin to breathe, too.



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